One of SIBAC’s key priorities is to develop projects and initiatives that build rural development capacity and help communities have a greater influence over their futures.

Rural communities often need access to specialized expertise, new tools or funding to help them implement their rural development projects. Therefore SIBAC has led and partnered on the development of several major initiatives that provide direct assistance to small rural communities and increase rural development capacity.

Some of SIBAC’s major initiative in this regard include:

Green Energy as a Rural Development Tool Project — This project developed a variety of new information resources and tools that help rural communities evaluate and develop their green energy project concepts.

Wood Waste to Rural Heat — Many rural communities and First Nations have expressed an interest in exploring the feasibility of installing bioenergy based heating systems in their communities. The Wood Waste to Rural Heat project provides rural communities with professional, objective advice and technical assistance.

Rural Housing & Seniors Services — Rural BC is experiencing a fundamental demographic shift – with increasing percentages of the rural population over 55 plus in age. This demographic shift has significant and serious implications for rural communities in terms of housing and seniors’ services issues. As a result, since June 2014 SIBAC has led and funded a research project to examine rural housing issues and to identify tools and resources that could help rural communities deal with these issues. Copies of the current SIBAC research materials are available by clicking here. SIBAC is now seeking further funding partners to expand the depth and breadth of this initial research project.