The Rural BC Project was a joint initiative of the three regional Beetle Action Coalitions to stimulate discussion and understanding of the challenges facing rural BC. And to develop a set of recommended actions that would further rural development in BC.

The Rural BC Project grew out of the highly successful Reversing the Tide initiative. This initiative identified the current best practices in rural economic development and revitalization being used by other jurisdictions in North America and western Europe. The Reversing the Tide Initiative clearly identified that a pre-requisite to successful rural development and economic revitalization was the active involvement of rural communities in designing solutions to rural issues.

Based on extensive research and a series of consultations of the Rural BC Project made six major recommendations to the Provincial Government:

  1. That the Province designate a senior Cabinet Minister with responsibility for Rural Development;
  2. That the Province create a Rural Strategy for BC
  3. That the Province create additional rural development programs for BC
  4. That the Province create a “Rural Dividend”
  5. That the Province support the creation and operations of rural advocacy and rural development organization(s) in BC
  6. That the Province increase access to equity investment (often called venture capital) funds for rural BC

Reports, Background Papers and Case Studies for the Rural BC Project and the Reversing the Tide Project can be viewed here.